Rachel Maddow Victim Of Russian Hackers

Puffington Host

Komrade Maddow is the latest victim of Rusian hackers

On Tuesday, beloved liberal hero Rachel Maddow fell victim to another nefarious Russian hack when she was handed obviously forged papers revealing that Enemy of the State Trump had apparently paid taxes at a higher rate than celebrated party elites like our Lord and Savior His Majesty Barry Obama and longtime Socialist icon Bernie Sanders.

The People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (PRIK’s) thought there was something fishy about these supposed ‘tax returns’ and the way the truth was twisted to make it look like glorious party leaders pay a lower tax percentage than Trump despite lecturing the minions that they are the most giving people on earth. “We suspect a Russian Photoshopped extra numbers in the Trump tax returns,” a spokesman offered.

“We here at MSNBC already knew that Lord Obama pays almost nothing in taxes due to the enormous charitable donation of ‘self’. His presence alone is the greatest charitable donation one can make,” Maddow argued.

As for Komrade Sanders, “Well, he pays nothing because he has nothing. He is an abysmal failure financially… He’s in his seventies, has been a Senator for thirty years, and only has a reported net worth of $300,00 dollars. According to Progressive Liberal rules, that makes him infinitely qualified to manage the finances of this country!”

Komrade Maddow vowed to get to the bottom of this scandal ‘lickety split’!

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