Komrade Franken Takes A Cue From Obamacare

Al Franken's Brain
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Al Franken's Brain

Komrade Al Franken Says We Must Convict Sessions In Order To See If He’s Innocent

Komrade Franken, friend of the People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (PRIK’s) , has taken a lesson from Frau Pelosi and demanded that his fellow Senators need to find Enemy of the State Jeff Sessions guilty of crimes against the Kollective.

Taking a page from the Obamacare playbook, Komrade Franken has demanded that Sessions should be convicted in order to find out if he’s innocent.

He was asked if it was even remotely possible that Sessions’ meetings with Russian Emissaries had to do with his official duties and responsibilities as a US Senator, Komrade Franken blurted, “Of course not. Senators do NOT meet with foreign dignitaries unless it is for nefarious reasons.”

When asked why several PRIK members have also met with Russian officials over the last few months in the same capacity, Komrade Franken replied, “HEY! Did you know I was in ‘Stuart Saves His Family‘?”

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