Read-A-Riff: Body Care And Grooming

Railing Kill on YouTube

Our latest riffing session put to film. Here’s the original short (cut down from it’s original 17 minute run-time) with the gang’s usual offering of immature and moronic commentary… And I wouldn’t have it ANY other way!

BTW: If you like these video snippets, please ‘Like’ them on YouTube or leave a friendly comment. If you think they suck, please send me a note via the comment form and I’ll be sure to delete it! Just kidding… Please let me know what we can do to make them better (if anything).

8 thoughts on “Read-A-Riff: Body Care And Grooming

  1. Beavis – I LOVE this! Overdubs are something I have always loved; and I really want to learn how to do this myself. Can I join the team? Seriously! You know my twisted sense of humor – I’d fit right in! LOL! ALSO – I hope you do not mind, but I have a posted several of your funny pics from your reviews on a site I frequent – {Alaskan Bush Frauds – Do Not Join if You’re a Fan} I ALWAYS give you the credit due you and tell them to read your reviews. The readers LOVE them! I hope you do not mind if I do this; if so, please tell me ASAP! Seriously, I want to join your crew! The only thing I can offer to say is that there’s not ENOUGH dubs – need more, outrageous ones! Thx Beavis!

    1. I appreciate that. I don’t mind people using my stuff to spread the word. Unfortunately (see below) there’s no longer a crew of degenerates with nothing better to do on a Saturday night. However, if you guys have any ideas I would love to hear them!

      Thanks again for the kind words.

  2. Good to hear from you both. These have actually been around for a while (about 2012). My social life is so pathetic I spent just about every Saturday night for 4 years watching B-Movies with an online group and we would offer commentary via chat. Before the movie the host would show a ‘short’ like they used to do on MST3K. I took the chat scripts, found the short films (which are in the public domain) and added the commentary of our group.

    They used to take a long time to make and since our group dissolved a few years ago i don’t have new material.

    Glad you like them and I’ll try and dig up MORE! (Get it… More… From ABP… see what I did there? It’s that kind of rapier wit that makes RailingKill the mediocre hub of juvenile entertainment you’ve come to expect).

    Thanks for commenting and have a great weekend!

  3. LOL! “More” to YOU, too! Well, if you want to start this back up, shoot me an email! My social life is pretty lame, too! 😉
    Thanks for the permission to post your pics – folks are LOVING them!

  4. People have social lives ?!?!

    What have I been missing ?

    Saturday night is for the weekly bath and shooting the rats outside by the garbage cans….

    So if you ever get the urge to try the riffs again (or any project) and need some butter knife wit to add to your films, shoot me and lalobagirl an email and we will definitely be honored to be in the loop.

    P.S. I have thought about an all encompassing look at the ABP from start to finish, the filming, the family, the grifts, the cons, the lies etc etc…. A sort of trivia/encyclopedia report, maybe called ‘MORE or LESS’…. A rather large project being there is so much material to discuss, even extend beyond that into sites like yours and mine and other social media.

    Oh, and a new music video I produced with the ABP

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