Railing Kill Read-A-Riff


So, what exactly is a ‘Read-A-Riff’?  It’s our way of riffing a short film without interfering with the audio. The reason for this medium is because that’s how I was raised… on B-Movie riffing. About 3 years ago I was introduced to a group called Riff-Club, formerly NoFadz (withazee). I was delighted to find a group of people that suffer from the same thing I’ve been living with for years and that is making fun of some really bad stuff.

Read-A-RiffEvery Saturday night we watch a hand-picked B-Movie and then riff the selection using a chat panel. We do this because having an audio channel with 20 people on it would be indecipherable. Before the movie, there is usually an old short that is shown. I took the chat logs from those shorts and made them into Read-A-Riff’s. At the end of each video you will see a credits screen with the monikers of those that contributed.

So, find one and enjoy our attempts at humor. Right now I am working on the next Read-A-Riff, ‘Shake hands With Danger’. It’s one of my all time favorites but seeing as how it’s over 20 minutes it will take some time. Enjoy!

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