Tom Servo Color Print (8.5X11)


Another popular print at shows is my “Version 2” Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K), surrounded by bright red galactic background. Printed on thick card-stock 8.5 X 11. Suitable for framing.

Now you can enjoy this Tom Servo print. Makes a great novelty wall or desk decoration, especially when paired with Crow T. Robot and Gypsy.

“Sorry, babe. No one rules the Tom Monster” watermark is removed on actual prints

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Tom is one of two wise-cracking, robotic main characters of the show, built by Joel Robinson to act as a companion and help stave off madness as he was forced to watch low-quality films (ironically, he, along with the other bots, is made from the parts that would have otherwise allowed Joel to actually control the film).

Now you can enjoy this full color Tom Servo print! Makes a great design novelty, especially when paired with Crow and Gypsy.

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