Book Review: One Wave At A Time By Billy Brown

Don’t bother looking for this book, unless you need toilet paper. One of my friends in the Facebook group Alaskan Bush People Exposed, Georgie Eggleston, had one hell of a time finding a copy. After weeks of trying, she finally got a library to have a copy shipped in. Let’s give Georgie a big round applause for taking one for the team and subjecting herself to what must surely be the most difficult book to read. What follows is a series of posts from Georgie that chronicles her horrific journey as she reads “One Wave At A Time” By Billy … Continue reading

Indie Authored Sci-Fi Books

Indie Books

There’s a lot of appreciation and fun to be had with independent films and such, but Indie Authored books are a different ‘story’ (ba-dum-tish). Be sure and check out the Book of the Day! Indie Book Lounge has a great selection of Indie Authored Sci-Fi and Fantasy books available in numerous formats. In Sci-Fi alone there are over 360 books listed. A lot of them are under a dollar (bargain) or outright free! So if you’re looking for some good Indie Sci-Fi or Fantasy reading, check out The Lounge. Who knows, you just might find your next favorite author! Oh, and … Continue reading