Alaskan Bush People Living Large In Beverly Hills

For all the short-bus riding, helmet wearing, window licking fans of this shitshow that think this poor family needs their help, take a look at this! Thanks to Social Media, online groups and forums, and some not-so-bright Brown’s, we see that they are living it up in style at the Beverly Hills Hotel (about $1400 a night) and getting expensive spa treatments. What about their mother in her time of need? Screw that, this hotel has a BUFFET! See more on twitter (Y’know, that thing they never heard of because they lived wild in the bush and were only recently … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Spend Harsh Alaskan Winter In… Phoenix?

Alaskan Bush People don't live in Browntown

Well, part of it at least. I know fans of this shitshow will lecture me about how their favorite lovable band of phony ‘bush’ people deserve a vacation now and then and enjoy their new found minimalist success, but let’s point out something about their ‘vacation’: They have been away from the ‘bush’ for more than just a vacation. Season after season you see proof that these phonies spend the harsh Alaskan winter, which they spend all TV season preparing for, in more hospitable climates. This year it’s been amazingly in-your-face just how full of shit this show is. All … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People In Las Vegas

Y’know all the bullshit about the Brownklownz preparing for the harsh Alaskan winter and how they work so hard to survive the grueling and tough Alaskan winters? We all knew it was bullshit but now it seems they aren’t even trying to hide the fact that they don’t spend those cold winters in Alaska. Seems our favorite band of non-bush phonies started the winter in Colorado, then went on a road trip in their RV and were spotted in a truck stop in New Mexico, and are now spending time at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Mutt was reported to be … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Leave The Bush For Colorado And The Southwest

Alaskan Bush People traveling in Colorado

Thanks to Alaskan Bush People Exposed and other Facebook groups (and Google images),  it seems that the Brownklownz are on the move. What about all that talk about winter and the cow and getting stuff done so they could survive the winter? Oh yeah, it’s all bullshit. First, it’s been reported by many sources that the Brownklownz have been in Colorado since mid-December. Bum has been seen in South Carolina and Mutt went to New York City the day before New Years Eve! The two pictures on the right were purportedly taken at local Colorado WalMart’s. In the upper left … Continue reading

The Brown’s New Cow Was Only Rented For Filming

Alaskan Bush People Cow in Browntown

For all those that STILL believe this shitshow is remotely ‘real’ or accurately represents this family of vagabond gypsies, here’s another fart in your diving helmet! In recent weeks we’ve seen a surge in advertisement for the next season of Alaskan Bush People. One of the common things ParkSlop and Discoverup are inserting into every ad is the fact that the Brownklownz are getting a cow. Y’know, cuz their really building a town that they can live in year round and be self sustaining. Yawn. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get on with the story … Continue reading

Brown Family Loves The Non-Bush Life

Alaskan Bush People travel airports

Seems our favorite band of phony, incompetent outdoorsmen spent about 4-6 weeks in Browntown this summer to film the next season of their bullshit show, Alaskan Bush People. The rest of the time they have been enjoying life outside of Alaska in such places as New York, Oregon, Seattle, Colorado, and others. I remember a couple of seasons ago when BullshitBilly had to go on an airplane trip and he stated that the family hates to fly. I guess all that non-bush living money has enabled them to do what they hate most… FLY! Hawaii California New York Colorado Seattle New Jersey … Continue reading

Bam Brown And Alleged Wife Allison Vacationing In Colorado

… And they’re apparently there with the rest of the worthless Brownklownz. I guess all that talk about preparing for winter was just a bunch of bullshit filmed in the summer before going back to their real home in the lower 48. Hopefully DuhVinciNoah remembered to set his bear alarm before they left the filming location. From what I’ve read on other boards, she has a child already. I wonder if BullshitBilly and Blami will think of her kid as their grandchild? I guess if it means another PFD fund recipient and welfare dependent then I’m sure they will welcome … Continue reading

Seems like the Alaskan Bush People don’t like paying for their crimes

Alaskan Bush People - Noah is Einstein and Tesla

SPECIAL NOTICE: I’ve heard there are morons that support this shit-show that have said the Photoshopped mugshot that is used as the Featured Image for this article should be taken down if it’s not real! Are you fucking kidding me? Well, if you’re that mentally deficient to where you think an obvious piece of SATIRE (read the goddamn disclaimer at the bottom) is real, you have a lot bigger problems than being a fan of the Brownklownz. Didn’t you get a clue when you saw the name is “DuhVinciNoah”? How about the top hat? Like everyone wears a top hat for … Continue reading

Is Bam Brown Married?

Over the last couple of months, online searches have revealed pictures of Bam Brown visiting New York with ParkSlope Producer Allison Kagan. It has been rumored that they are an item and judging by the photographs they certainly seem to be. This latest photo to surface online shows Bam with a ‘fan’ of the show (BELOW). Notice his ring finger! Numerous Facebook  posts put this photo at a Paul McCartney concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on August 7th! But according to other sources, locals have reported that all Brownklownz are back in Hoonah and ParkSlope is readying the … Continue reading

Why Do The Brown’s Need A Boat Captain?

wreck-it-gabe Alaskan Bush People

As part of my episode recap last week, I included a screen shot of the end credits in which they list a “Boat Captain.” My question was, “Why do they need a boat captain? Isn’t BullshitBilly a 30-year seasoned veteran of the high seas?” Well, after watching two seasons of him sink boats and ram them into docks on numerous occasions, it’s apparent that captain Hazelwood would do a better job steering a boat than our favorite TV grifter. After some cursory research, I believe I have found more information on this captain. I’m not presenting this as solid fact, I’m … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Become Hawaiian Bush People

Alaskan Bush People - Cast members

NOTE: We now have a Facebook page dedicated to Alaskan Bullshit People! It seems our favorite bush people are living large outside the bush. They were recently spotted in a mall in Maui, Hawaii. Wait… Isn’t this the week that Ami’s mom is coming for a visit to Hoonah? Wow, great family values on display by this group of ‘bush people’. AcidRain (Merry Hanukkah Who Cares Jingleheimer-Schmidt) looks like she’s already partaken in some Maui-Waui. I wonder what DuhVinciNoah will invent with coconuts? Apparently there’s more Brownklownz than pictured: This brings up a couple of questions… Did SpotlessAmi and BullshitBilly stay … Continue reading