Best and Funniest Donald Trump “COVFEFE” Memes

It’s all the rage, sending Twitter into an all out frenzy. Ever since President Donald Trump tweeted the now infamous word “covfefe,” the meme geniuses have been at work creating some funny images. Here is a collection from our partners at and some others from around the web. Enjoy. Even President Donald Trump got into the spirit: 

NCIS Los Angeles – An Incredibly Bad TV Show

This show is a spin-off of an only slightly more watchable show, NCIS. The people responsible for this piss-dribble seem to have taken what little believability and credibility the original show had and made, as incredible as it sounds, an even worse television show! How does this show suck? Let me count the ways… Wait, I don’t have a strong enough processor for that. Let’s just list some of the most notably insulting stupidity. First off is their appearance. This not only goes for their office, which looks like it moonlights as a surf shop, but their personal appearance as well. Get this… These … Continue reading

High School Memories

Remembering A Blast From The Past In every high school in America in the early 80’s, a number of kids carried around the Pee-Chee brand of cardboard portfolio. It was the staple of suburban kids’ school supplies along with a Trapper Keeper and that pencil sharpener your mom kept insisting you had to have every year but never used. Buried deep in a metal cabinet I recently found my old Pee-Chee portfolio from High School. It brought back some memories but then I realized that it sadly explained a lot about what I was like back then. Here is the ORIGINAL Pee-Chee Folio: … Continue reading

Rachel Maddow Victim Of Russian Hackers

Komrade Maddow is the latest victim of Rusian hackers On Tuesday, beloved liberal hero Rachel Maddow fell victim to another nefarious Russian hack when she was handed obviously forged papers revealing that Enemy of the State Trump had apparently paid taxes at a higher rate than celebrated party elites like our Lord and Savior His Majesty Barry Obama and longtime Socialist icon Bernie Sanders. The People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (PRIK’s) thought there was something fishy about these supposed ‘tax returns’ and the way the truth was twisted to make it look like glorious party leaders pay a lower tax percentage than … Continue reading

Komrade Franken Takes A Cue From Obamacare

Al Franken's Brain

Komrade Al Franken Says We Must Convict Sessions In Order To See If He’s Innocent Komrade Franken, friend of the People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (PRIK’s) , has taken a lesson from Frau Pelosi and demanded that his fellow Senators need to find Enemy of the State Jeff Sessions guilty of crimes against the Kollective. Taking a page from the Obamacare playbook, Komrade Franken has demanded that Sessions should be convicted in order to find out if he’s innocent. He was asked if it was even remotely possible that Sessions’ meetings with Russian Emissaries had to do with his official duties and responsibilities … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S06:E08 Wind And A Prayer

Alaskan Bush People raising the wind turbine

Well, here we are. The latest season of the shitshow known as Alaskan Bullshit People has come to an end. This season set the bar pretty high when it comes to bullshit, so if there is a next season they’re really going to have outdo the lies and untruths in order to break this season’s record. On to the review. First, Mutt shows us how to establish dominance over a bear. It seems to just involve walking around their general vicinity with a gun. Mutt waves at the bear in an attempt to show his dominance. This season’s main piece … Continue reading

Hollywood Claims Russia Hacked The Oscars

Russia Hacks the Oscars

Russia Blamed For Hacking The Oscars Hollywood’s brightest minds gathered and selected actor’s that had previously made money pretending to be cops, federal agents, and private investigators to get to the bottom of the Oscar’s biggest goof (next to giving Comrade Michael Moore an Oscar for Blowing For Columbine). After deliberating via cell phone from each of their limousine’s, the group decided that it was long time liberal scapegoat Russia that was responsible for turning their self-indulgent love-fest into the laughing stock of Sunday night television. “After all,” said professional pretend secret agent Matt Damon, “They hacked the election, therefore … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S06:E07 Field Of Dreams

In the opening sequence, BirdBrain walks over to see Mutt and the massive amount of meat he supposedly has in his bullshit meat locker. We never see inside, but magically he pulls out exactly what BirdBrain wanted, some ribs… with sugar. Since we never see the inside I think that scene may have been altered a little. Next, Wolverine, BirdBrain, and AcidRain act like they give two shits about the rented cow they have to take care of during the time of it’s lease. They decide to see which one Sabrina likes best by going to alternate corners and calling … Continue reading

Oberfuhrer Soros Promotes Komrade Moore

Michael Moore and George Soros

Oberfuhrer Soros Promotes Komrade Michael Moore to Propaganda Feldwebel In an effort to expand the message of the People’s Resistance and Instigation Kollective (P.R.I.K.’s), Oberfuhrer Soros promoted long time liberal propaganda filmmaker Comrade Michael Moore to Propaganda Feldwebel. Komrade Moore, known for misrepresenting people that don’t agree with him by editing and falsely quoting unsuspecting subjects he purports to be ‘documenting’, was pleased with his new role. “Just like the lies and misrepresentations in Blowing For Columbine, I plan on creating more phony documentaries to give simple-minded children a reason to act like they are oppressed or have something to bitch about… All in the … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S06:E06 All Falls Down

Oh boy, another shit-tastic episode of Alaskan Bullshit People! I can’t wait to see what lethal weapon ExtremeBore aims at his face this week. I’m going to apologize in advance if this recap gets a little “Rated R for strong language.” I think it comes from watching two episodes three days apart. I can’t fucking believe the bullshit that opens the show. Here we see Mutt and Wolverine stuffing bacon into shotgun shells! What? He claims they just want to scare the bears when they shoot at them. Why not just shoot in the air? Christ, the ek-shtreem stupidity of … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Epsiode Recap S06:E05 One Brown Down

Bird Brown puts sugar on eggs

Well, here we are. Another week another bullshit packed episode of Alaskan Bullshit People. Same as last week. This episode was so boring and uneventful so there’s not much to riff on. Let’s dive right in. In the opening scene, Mutt shows how he makes coffee on a boat. Cuz… Y’know, he’s a seasoned fisherman. I suspect that’s not coffee he was wanting. When we left off last week, we saw the SS Grifter was out in ‘open ocean’ facing mildly inclement weather. The chuds are barfin’, Scami is bithin’, and BullshitBilly is Bullshittin’. Let’s recap the bullshit so far. … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S06:E04 Dead In the Water

Well, it’s that time again. Time for you to put on your helmet and board the short-bus to Browntown! Just a quick note… this will probably be a short recap as there wasn’t a damn thing interesting or remotely viewable that happened this episode. The test pattern TV stations show right before signing off for the day was more interesting than this episode. But, let’s give it a try. The episode starts with Wolverine, AcidRain, and BirdBrain picking blueberries. Wolverine wishes he was an inchworm. Don’t set the bar too high there, buddy. I guess with their non-education, an inchworm … Continue reading