Brief History Of B-Movie Hosting And Riffing

Well, here it is, a new PodCast that talks about the history of B-Movie hosting and riffing. Actually, this was done about a year ago but never uploaded to the show page. There’s plenty of links on the show’s page to check out some classic examples of riffing. LA Connection are still one of my favorites. Please leave a comment on the PodCast Page! Railing Kill’s Brief History Of B-Movie Riffing Hopefully, there will be more of these on a consistent basis.

Railing Kill Radio Is On The Air

We’ve started a new Podcast called Railing Kill Radio on! We’re not sure yet how frequently we’ll have shows available, but I did manage to put together a Podcast about, what else… Mystery Science Theater 3000! So check out our inaugural show and join us in the forums to continue the discussion! Our station page: Link to the show: