B-Movie Review: GETEVEN (Road to Revenge)

Road To Revenge (Get Even) - B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories Road To Revenge (also known as GETEVEN and Champagne and Bullets but should have been titled Mid-Life Crisis) is a 1993 movie that was written, directed, financed, and starring John De Hart, Wings Hauser, and Pamela Bryant (A Playboy model who sadly left us in 2010) . It follows a long tradition of films made by people whose friends told them, “Nobody can make a worse movie than Ed Wood.” To which they reply, “Hold my beer!” The movie opens with LAPD Captain Normad, Huck (Wings Hauser), and Rick (John De Hart) taking down a trailer of … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: They Call Me Macho Woman!

Beavis’s Movie Memories A few years ago I had the pleasure of viewing They Call Me Macho Woman (also released as Savage Instinct by Bottom Line Studios). Recently, I found it on Amazon Prime and if you look hard enough you’ll probably find it on other streaming services. It had all of the makings of a great B-Movie. Made in the late 80’s / early 90’s, check… Studio backed (Troma), check… Oh boy, this should be bad in a good way! Well, guess what? It was (kind of), but it was also one of the best examples of a good … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: Zombie 5 – Killing Birds

Zombie 5 - Killing Birds B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories Thank GOD this movie came out because there are SO MANY unanswered questions from Zombie 4: Who Gives A Shit. Now I can rest easy knowing I have closure after viewing the terrible story, abysmal plot-lines, and horrific dialog that makes this franchise complete. The movie starts out with a man breaking into a home and killing the man and woman, who are still sleeping. Apparently he has just returned from the war and it was his house, and having just caught his wife and some other guy in bed together, he decides to machete them up … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S08:E01 Back To The Bush

Bird Brown's lost cat

Well, here we are again. Another season of Alaskan Bullshit People. I was a little worried that this season might be based more in ‘reality’ than the sea of lies and deceit we’ve seen over the past seasons. This concern came from the fact that almost all of the ParkSlop people are new and there is a growing number of websites, pages, and social media outlets documenting their den of lies. But fear not… It’s the same old bullshit, different location. Let me preface by saying that some of the information here was found by doing cursory social media searches … Continue reading

B-Movie Review: Zombie 4 – After Death

Zombie 4 After Death - B Movie

Beavis’s Movie Memories In retrospect, I should have watched this movie before watching Zombie 5: Killing Birds because it would help explain absolutely nothing. This episode takes place on a deserted island, as opposed to Zombie 5 where the action takes place somewhere else, as evidenced by the fact there is a hospital, University, and a highway system. The movie starts out with a band of researchers who track down a local witch doctor on the island. Apparently, the researchers were unable to find a cure for the Witch Doctor’s wife and daughter fast enough and they died. There is … Continue reading

Why I Stopped Watching The Walking Dead

In late 2010, AMC announced a new and exciting Zombie apocalypse series called The Walking Dead. What made this one different was that it was going to be based on the popular comic / graphic novel series of the same name. The series was initially set to be a mini-series, but more episodes and seasons were ordered. As the series progressed, it went through a slew of Producers as well as a trickling of dissatisfaction among hardcore fans because the series did not mirror the original comic story-line and characters. The heads of the show claim that the comic is … Continue reading

NCIS Los Angeles – An Incredibly Bad TV Show

This show is a spin-off of an only slightly more watchable show, NCIS. The people responsible for this piss-dribble seem to have taken what little believability and credibility the original show had and made, as incredible as it sounds, an even worse television show! How does this show suck? Let me count the ways… Wait, I don’t have a strong enough processor for that. Let’s just list some of the most notably insulting stupidity. First off is their appearance. This not only goes for their office, which looks like it moonlights as a surf shop, but their personal appearance as well. Get this… These … Continue reading

Computer games: Oldies but Goodies

Sid Meier's Railrods - A classic game that still holds up

Over the last couple of years I’ve updated and reinstalled Windows several times on my desktop. This latest iteration was when I upgraded my motherboard and memory over the holidays. I started reloading some of the essential work related software like Visual Studio, Adobe Suite, and of course SQL Express. Once I get the work essentials done, I then look at what entertainment software I’m going to put back on my machine. In that process, something interesting happens. I find there is a handful of games that I repeatedly reinstall no matter what the age. They are timeless (IMHO) and … Continue reading

Best and Worst Computer Hacking Films

War Games movie

I was watching a movie the other night that had such bad hacking ‘skills’ displayed that it was laughable. I thought that it would be a great idea for a post on my now defunct movie site but then I remembered that I could just post it here! So with that said I present to you my list of the best and worst hacking films of all time! Best Wargames (1983): The top of the list! What can you say about this movie other than marvel at it’s greatness. What’s that you say? You’re not convinced it’s the best… well … Continue reading

Blood Debts

Blood Debts - B Movie

Year: 1985 Rated: N/A Release Date: N/A Country of Origin: Philippines, Hong Kong Runtime: 86 min Director: Teddy Page Writer: Timothy Jorge Starring: Richard Harrison, Mike Monty, Jim Gaines, Ann Milhench IMDb Rating: 4.7 (64 votes) Rotten Tomatoes Rating: N/A Enjoying a picnic Sarah Collins and her boyfriend are surprised by a gang of juvenile hunters. They rape her and kill him. She escapes and runs to her parents’house but is then shot in front of her father Mark, a wealthy Vietnam Vet. The boys finally wound him seriously and leave. A few months later, being healthy again, Mark manages … Continue reading

Review of Birdemic: Shock and Terror

There’s a movie out there who’s visual effects not only left me speechless, but the story was so exciting it had me on the edge of my seat.  I’ll bet you think I’m talking about Guardians of the Galaxy or Captain America, aren’t you? Well, my friend, I’m sorry to say you’re wrong. I’m here to talk about the greatest B-Movie ever made, Birdemic: Shock and Terror. Or as I like to call it, Schlock and Error. If you visited RailingKill before, you know that I am a fan of bad movies. I don’t know what personality flaw or brain … Continue reading