Sticky: My B-Movie Master List

In an attempt to document my ‘hobby’, I’ve started keeping a log of all of the B-Movies I’ve seen over the last several years. This list is incomplete and I will add to it as I find old chat / viewing logs and can determine the title. These of course do not include MST3K episodes. These were sought after and viewed on purpose. B-Movies viewed 2011 Bloodmoon Digital Prophet Planet of Dinosaurs Dracula vs Frankenstein Three Fantastic Supermen Omega Cop Karate Cop Invasion of the Bee Girls Rodentz Horror of the Blood Monsters Twister’s Revenge Transformations Crystal Ball Blood Orgy … Continue reading

Alaskan Bush People Episode Recap S06:E03 Browntown Boom

Alaskan Bush People Matt builds a still

In the opening segment we see ExtremeBore trying to catch a chicken that he and AcidRain let out of the pen. Isn’t DuhVinciNoah living in the henhouse? I’m sure him and Rhain Carrot-Top Alicia will have a wonderful home amongst the chicken shit. Next, we see ExtremeBore again. He decides to cover the benches in a non-porous material because he’s tired of seeing the family sit on the flat, wet logs. So, he wants to solve the problem of watery seats by putting something on them that doesn’t absorb water? GENIUS! He hopes his mommy won’t find out that he … Continue reading

ABP Episode Recap S06:E01 All That Matters

Alaskan Bush People like Gilligan's Island

We’re back! Another season of Alaskan Bullshit People is here which means that another season of Railing Kill’s episode recaps are on tap. Let’s dive right in shall we? The episode, and this season, start right off with the bullshit. The narrator tells us that the family has in fact been living in the bush for the last thirty-plus years. Do we have to review the evidence to the contrary? They make a veiled attempt to ‘come clean’ in stating that this year is the year the family REALLY commits to the bush, as opposed to half-assing it for 2 … Continue reading

The Brown’s New Cow Was Only Rented For Filming

Alaskan Bush People Cow in Browntown

For all those that STILL believe this shitshow is remotely ‘real’ or accurately represents this family of vagabond gypsies, here’s another fart in your diving helmet! In recent weeks we’ve seen a surge in advertisement for the next season of Alaskan Bush People. One of the common things ParkSlop and Discoverup are inserting into every ad is the fact that the Brownklownz are getting a cow. Y’know, cuz their really building a town that they can live in year round and be self sustaining. Yawn. Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s get on with the story … Continue reading

The Unofficial Mystery Science Theater 3000 Book of Debbie

Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan art prints

Over the long and distinguished career of Mystery Science Theater 3000, one of the running gags in the show was a reference to a woman named ‘Debbie’. The name was used generically on some riffed characters, but was also used explicitly when describing certain acts seen in a particular movie. The origins are described in the MST3K Episode Guide. According to Mary Jo Pehl: “Paul (Chaplin) occupies the cube adjacent to mine, and I find it’s in my best interest to eavesdrop on his on his endless personal phone calls(which are relentlessly peppered with phrases like ‘We got so high’ or … Continue reading

Another Felony Charge For The Brownklownz?

SPECIAL NOTICE: I’ve heard there are morons that support this shit-show that have said the painfully obvious Photoshopped image of America’s favorite Bush-Dullard in the phony newspaper article below is real! Are you fucking kidding me? Well, if you’re that mentally deficient to where you think an obvious piece of SATIRE (read the goddamn disclaimer at the bottom) is real, you have a lot bigger problems than being a fan of the Brownklownz. Now put on your helmet and board the short-bus, you’re late for skool. Early Thursday morning Seattle police were called when an observant clerk at a local Hot … Continue reading

Found: One Of Bilky Brown’s Lost Children’s Books

Alaskan bush People - Beverly Hillbillies

After years of searching and being told they didn’t exist, I was finally able to hunt down one of BullshitBilly’s notorious Children’s Books. “They were just a scam, they never existed,” the naysayers told me. But I kept going, searching, knowing that one day I would be rewarded. Finally that day has arrived! I found this on eBay and it came with a Certificate of Bullshit Authenticity! So here it is, one of BullshitBilly’s long lost Children’s Books: Gather ’round children and I’ll read you the book about Bilky Brownklown and the stuff that he took It started in Texas, … Continue reading

ABP Episode Recap S04:E11 – Browns Down South

Alaskan Bush People - Ami makes jelly and jam

Oh joy of joys! As predicted, ParkSlop grabbed cutting room floor material, glued it together, and shat out another “fish-out-of-water” episode of Alaskan Bullshit People. And it did NOT disappoint. Let’s dive right in and see how long it takes to spot the first line of bullsh… And there it is. SpotlessAmi claims that while driving BullshitBilly to one of his appointments the smell was unbearable… And so was the pollution. Living in cramped quarters with a room full of Brownklownz ISN’T the worst smell you’ve encountered? How about the smell of bullshit? Well, they’re probably used to that. Mutt … Continue reading

ABP Episode Recap S04:E09 Released To the Wild

I’ve said it before that this season is one long, drawn out bore. What used to take one episode is now spread out over a whole season. This episode is yet another grand example of that. So let’s dive right in with this week’s episode recap of Alaskan Bullshit People! In the opening segment, ExtremeBore and Wolverine install a broken down, barely functioning stool. No, not BullshitBilly, but an actual stool from a diner. They think it will make an excellent captain’s chair for the SS Grifter. Here we go again. ParkSlop’s narrator tells us once again how the Brownklownz … Continue reading

ABP Episode Recap S04:E08 Judgment Day

Another week of bullshit is in the can… Literally. Just when you thought this show couldn’t be any more turgid, boring, self serving, and phony, Discoverup and ParkSlop shed any and all integrity and self respect and produce another hour of Alaskan Bullshit People. One thing I’ve noticed this season is that they seem to spend a lot of time each episode trying to convince us that despite nearly all of them being found guilty of PFD fraud, they are still innocent. It’s someone else’s fault, as always. After all, BullshitBilly Karesh would never coerce his family into falsifying information … Continue reading