Phoenix Comicon 2017 Wrap-Up

Bitch Pudding

First off, we want to say Thank You to all the people that came by our booth to talk about MST3K and Linda’s Amigurumi. This year was our best con ever and we look forward to seeing and meeting even more people next year! OK, now on to the photos and memories: Linda debuted her MST3K Mad’s from the new Netflix season, as well as Ninja Turtles, Rick and Morty, and my favorite, Bitch Pudding! I also introduced some MST3K inspired t-shirts And of course, a big shout out to the MST3K fans that came by:

Review of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return On Netflix

Crow T Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000

First, a little bit of background. Way back when the Kickstarter campaign started and the thought of bringing back MST3K was first tossed about, some expressed concern that the new show was going to try and be an extension of the old tried and true format with characters that were going to be VERY hard to replace. When Joel announced the characters and the actors that were going to play them, the concern grew. It would be hard to continue with the existing line-up of Crow, Servo, Forrester, Frank, and the rest given the impact the original players left when … Continue reading

Vote Now For A LEGO Mystery Science Theater Set

Mystery Science Theater 300 LEGO set

When it comes to Mystery Science Theater figures, there aren’t very many. You have to look to the fans that have created everything from Amigurumi dolls to headboards. Well, no longer… At least if there are enough votes cast for LEGO to create a Mystery Science Theater set that includes the bots, the hosts and protagonists, the famous hallway sequence, and the projection room. If you would like to see this idea come to fruition, go to  the LEGO Ideas web page and cast your vote!

Trailer For New Mystery Science Theater 3000

Netflix Releases Trailer For New Mystery Science Theater 3000 Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming new episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. I’m a little hesitant to get excited. Let’s see what the reboot looks like before passing judgment. My biggest fear is that the reboot didn’t start off with a complete refresh of the characters. Review to come!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Print Preview Part 1

Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan art prints

Well, at least some of the prints are ready for Phoenix Comicon 2016. There’s still a few more that I need to get finished for the show but for now, here’s a preview of the first 3: I decided to beef up my ‘skills’ and introduce some brighter, more vibrant colors, especially in the background. This past year I learned more about blending and filtering and was able to create more ‘realistic’ drawings. Adding some colorful, vibrant color matching backgrounds add to the overall image aesthetic. Be sure and visit us at Phoenix Comicon 2016! Check out all the new prints and … Continue reading